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Rehearsal Jam!

Swami shoot June 2012


Hey DesiRockaz! We got together this past weekend and spent two full days rehearsing, filming and recording a live jam session of 4 new songs. All this material will be compiled and used to promote the new album “UPGRADE”. The plan is in motion, and soon we’ll be able to share details of the first single release. As always, thanks for the ongoing support….. and get ready to UPGRADE UR SOUND!





Hey all,

Apologies about the downtime. We were down for a few days whilst migrating to a new server. We’ve been quietly working away on some behind-the-scenes stuff to ensure a successful launch πŸ™‚ As always, things take longer than we’d like, but we promise it will be worth it in the end.

The 4 of us will be getting together in just over a week to rehearse and film. So expect pictures, vlogs and more πŸ™‚



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Our new album “UPGRADE” is finished! Stay tuned for more info!


Hey all,

The day-to-day blogging and vlogging regarding our new album “Upgrade” has found a new home on Tumblr – at www.upgradeursound.com– the more important news, will, of course, find it’s way here too, but for more frequent updates in real time, please go there and Follow us! (And Reblog what we write, and all that good stuff….)



Studio Vlog Update

Record, Mix and Master interview Diamond

Awesome interview with Diamond from Record, Mix and Master – filmed and edited by our friends atΒ Shuut. Talking about the recording of the new Swami album, β€œUpgrade”.

New Swami Album title revealed….

Yes folks, it’s true! As confirmed by Diamond on his interview with Nihal on BBC Radio 1 – the new Swami album is titled “Upgrade”! Stay tuned for more news on the new album coming real soon…

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