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British Curry Awards 2011

We were happy to headline the British Curry Awards last Monday in London and show you all a quick glimpse of our upcoming album “UPGRADE”. Pictures and videos coming soon!



Swami headlining “Live & Louder” Tour

We’re happy to announce that we’ve agreed to headline the “Live & Louder” tour, 3 dates across the UK in May and June.  Click the poster to see it full-size.

You’ll find the dates listed to the right, with links to the individual Facebook event pages. All the proceeds from this tour will be going to Caudwell Children – who provide support, specialist equipment and much more to sick and terminally ill children. On that basis, we would urge you all to come down, support the cause, and hear exclusive tracks from our forthcoming album, performed with the full live band. We’ll be doing a lot of promotion for these shows in order to raise as much money and awareness as possible, so we really hope you’ll all be there.

See you there!



Swami @ Eastern Electronic Festival – 4/3/11

Eastern Electronic Festival Logo

The rumors are true… we will be EXCLUSIVELY PREMIÈRING new material at Eastern Electronic Festival at The Factory in Birmingham on Friday 4th March.

After 18 months of recording the new Swami album we are now finishing the final mixes…but unfortunately we will not be performing a full live show just yet at the Eastern Electronic festival…however DJ Swami and S-Endz on the night will reveal the crazy new Swami songs and rhythm bending beats for the first time…all that waiting is going to be worth it!

For more information, click the logo… see you there!

The Sugarless Tour is Over!

After an incredible 2 weeks touring all over Canada, the “Sugarless Tour 2010” is over. Thanks to all the promoters, organizers, fans, and everyone we met along the way. We had an amazing time, culminating with three incredible performances at Sunfest, and MOSAIC Festival! Look for more hilarious “on-the-road” video blogs, and a TON of pictures and HD video….. In fact, I think the final two performances were completely recorded in HD, so I guess we have some editing to do! We have a few days in the studio where we will begin mixing the new album….so stay tuned and keeping checking here, and Facebook for all the latest! Thanks, Canada! Swami xxx

P.S We have some ultra Altin çilek maurers ilacmidir limited edition “Sugarless Tour” merchandise left….. who wants some??

Yo Vancouver!

With less than 48 hours before our planned show at Commodore Ballroom, the promoters cancelled on us! Oh no! But our friends in Vancouver weren’t about to let that happen….so ladies and gentleman, give a big round of applause for Mo Dhaliwal and A-Town Productions for making THIS happen with the shortest of notice!!!

The full story, in their own words… (thanks guys, we love you too!!!)


Otherwise we wouldn’t try to produce a concert in 48 hours. This is ridiculous.

So, early morning email leads to a couple of phone calls and now it turns out we are producing an event for SWAMI, the Brit-Asian electro pop phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. How does this happen? Well, we’ll tell you. It turns out that due to some unforeseen circumstances (are circumstances ever foreseen?) the Vancouver International Jazz Festival (another group we love) had to cancel the SWAMI and Pacifika concert taking place on Canada Day (that’s July 1st for you Americans) at the Commodore Ballroom. We were already so pumped that SWAMI was coming for the Jazz Festival that we had planned an afterparty as part of our Vuja De night at Ginger62. When SWAMI’s management called and was all like “Dude, we’re screwed, can you guys handle it?”  …we didn’t need to think twice. Produce an event in 48 hours for our DesiRock heroes?

#@$! yeah we will!

For those of you that have been living under a rock. Please check out the link to SWAMI’s website below. They are freaking ridiculous. You NEED to hear them. It will change your life and the way you look at music. Obviously, this gig is one of those last-minute, super-special, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, so we haven’t had time to get tickets printed or do anything, really, except run around the room screaming “WE GOT SWAMI!”. So, entry is by guestlist and at the door only.

Now, normally we would crank the cover to $20 for a concert of this type… but, we already advertised $10 cover for this gig and we can’t exactly go back on that now. So, here’s what we’ll do… $10 cover with guestlist, just send your names in to or $15 for all walk-ups. We think that’s fair for the gig that you’ll be getting.

Two Amazing Things Came Out of the British Commonwealth

The first was Canada, whose birth we are celebrating on July 1st.

The second was SWAMI, whose performance is happening on July 1st.

Vuja De – Celebrates Canada Day featuring SWAMI

July 1st @ 9pm Ginger62, 1219 Granville Street


Also featuring music by our Vuja De residents, Myles Bigelow, Reminisce & Zayiflama maurers Lajit, this gig is not to be missed.

Sugarless Tour 2010

Sugarless Tour 2010

Swami are about to head off on the “Sugarless Tour 2010” – starting off with a date in London tomorrow (21st) at The Social on Great Portland St, then off to Canada for the rest of the tour! Please look to the right for information about where and when the band will be performing and where you can get tickets.

Also, if you are interested in winning some tickets to the Vancouver Jazz Festival performance at the Commodore Ballroom on July 1st (courtesy of North Shore News),  Zayiflama maurers please click here to enter!

See you on the road!!

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