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This is our old site!

This is our (very old) site.

If you’ve somehow landed here, you need to click here for our current site.  

Rehearsal Jam!

Swami shoot June 2012


Hey DesiRockaz! We got together this past weekend and spent two full days rehearsing, filming and recording a live jam session of 4 new songs. All this material will be compiled and used to promote the new album “UPGRADE”. The plan is in motion, and soon we’ll be able to share details of the first single release. As always, thanks for the ongoing support….. and get ready to UPGRADE UR SOUND!





Hey all,

Apologies about the downtime. We were down for a few days whilst migrating to a new server. We’ve been quietly working away on some behind-the-scenes stuff to ensure a successful launch 🙂 As always, things take longer than we’d like, but we promise it will be worth it in the end.

The 4 of us will be getting together in just over a week to rehearse and film. So expect pictures, vlogs and more 🙂



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Our new album “UPGRADE” is finished! Stay tuned for more info!

British Curry Awards 2011

We were happy to headline the British Curry Awards last Monday in London and show you all a quick glimpse of our upcoming album “UPGRADE”. Pictures and videos coming soon!



Swami on Google+

We now have an official Swami band page on Google+! Go check it out DesiRockaz!

on Google+

Vote for us at the Brit Asia Music Awards!

Hey DesiRockaz,

We’ve been nominated for Best Alternative Act at the Brit Asia Awards which are happening on the 1st October! Please vote for us by texting BRIT13 05 to 64343. You probably have to be in the UK for this to work – sorry internationalrockaz!

Love ya…. more #UPGRADE news coming soon!


Hey all,

The day-to-day blogging and vlogging regarding our new album “Upgrade” has found a new home on Tumblr – at– the more important news, will, of course, find it’s way here too, but for more frequent updates in real time, please go there and Follow us! (And Reblog what we write, and all that good stuff….)



“Dumdaraka (Dub Upgrade)” Free download!

“Dumdaraka (Dub Upgrade)” is now available as a free download! Get it here –

Record, Mix and Master interview Diamond

Awesome interview with Diamond from Record, Mix and Master – filmed and edited by our friends at Shuut. Talking about the recording of the new Swami album, “Upgrade”.

New Swami Album title revealed….

Yes folks, it’s true! As confirmed by Diamond on his interview with Nihal on BBC Radio 1 – the new Swami album is titled “Upgrade”! Stay tuned for more news on the new album coming real soon…

AUDIO: Dumdaraka (Dub Upgrade)

AUDIO: Dumdaraka (Dub Upgrade)

You can now listen to the brand new Swami track  “Dumdaraka (Dub Upgrade)” by clicking here! This track serves as a preview of our forthcoming album coming later this year….. if you’re in the UK, make sure you come to the “Live & Louder Tour” (dates on the right) to hear more brand new Swami material…

Please click here to view the press release regarding the release and the “Live & Louder” Tour for Caudwell Children.

Swami headlining “Live & Louder” Tour

We’re happy to announce that we’ve agreed to headline the “Live & Louder” tour, 3 dates across the UK in May and June.  Click the poster to see it full-size.

You’ll find the dates listed to the right, with links to the individual Facebook event pages. All the proceeds from this tour will be going to Caudwell Children – who provide support, specialist equipment and much more to sick and terminally ill children. On that basis, we would urge you all to come down, support the cause, and hear exclusive tracks from our forthcoming album, performed with the full live band. We’ll be doing a lot of promotion for these shows in order to raise as much money and awareness as possible, so we really hope you’ll all be there.

See you there!



Swami @ Eastern Electronic Festival – 4/3/11

Eastern Electronic Festival Logo

The rumors are true… we will be EXCLUSIVELY PREMIÈRING new material at Eastern Electronic Festival at The Factory in Birmingham on Friday 4th March.

After 18 months of recording the new Swami album we are now finishing the final mixes…but unfortunately we will not be performing a full live show just yet at the Eastern Electronic festival…however DJ Swami and S-Endz on the night will reveal the crazy new Swami songs and rhythm bending beats for the first time…all that waiting is going to be worth it!

For more information, click the logo… see you there! VS Motorola XOOM

Check it out folks…. we’re looking pretty good on the new Moto XOOM! Hey Motorola, how about sending us a few for our next video? 😀

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