S-Endz talks about the new album

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Swami won the DesiHits! title Band of the Year in 2009 because their singles “Sugarless” and “Tonight” were amazing! They also celebrated a decade in the business and now they are back in the studio.

Their next album is being worked on as we speak and it will consist of 20 tracks! Each of the tracks has been co-written by S-Endz and Diamond.

DesiHits! asked S-Endz to give us the dish on what Swami is up to and he told us, “The new Swami album is an explosion and an evolution. While enthralled by the success of “Sugarless” and “53431,” it’s even more exciting for us to let you know that “Sugarless” was always the bridge….between the Swami of old and the all new Swami, which is something that will shock, surprise and intrigue you via our best songwriting to date.

Diamond and I have written 20 new songs that we’ll finish and condense down to nothing but the best for the new album, which you should hopefully hear in time for it to become the soundtrack to your summer, fall and winter. Everything we have done in the past was a preparation for what you are about to hear this year; the absolutely definitive Swami album. Brace yourselves,” S-Endz added.

Sounds pretty exciting and we’re sure fans are looking forward to hearing more from their favorite band! Benzinli Jeneratör yangin kapisiLet us know if you are looking forward to Swami’s next album.


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