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Dil Vich – New Single Coming 21/07!


That’s right folks – our new single Dil Vich drops on July 21st!

The radio mix is a DJ Swami mix of electronic bass driven Future and Drake influenced hip hop trap featuring the amazing high pitched Punjabi vocal talents of Lovely Pawar and a groove bouncing rap verse from S-Endz. Fused with the trademark Punjabi percussion sounds of dhol and dhad and the hypnotic traditional melodies of sarangi and tumbi, this is the progressive futuristic sound of Swami at it’s best.

DJ Swami says“Dil Vich is the new sound of Swami fusing future urban, electronica and trap sounds with traditional folk vocals and instruments of Punjab. It’s an exciting insight into the forthcoming Swami UPGRADE album and the PunjabTronix tour. I am all about representing my British and Indian roots through music that bring communities together. We need that right now more than ever.”

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