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Swami are the most critically-acclaimed act to ever emerge from the British-Asian music scene – a band that have changed the face of global desi music on multiple occasions with a seamless futuristic blend of pop, electronic and world music. Several of their songs, including “DesiRock” have scaled new heights for Brit-Asian music, and their live set is a sonic blast of pure global energy that’s guaranteed to get the party started!

BBC Music say that Swami “have invented an entirely new type of sound”.

Noted BBC DJ and TV presenter Bobby Friction calls their new album UPGRADE “The future of Asian Music”.

BBC Asian Network’s Dipps Bhamrah calls award-winning bandleader, producer and songwriter DJ Swami “an innovator, moderniser and visionary”, whilst BBC DJ Nihal calls Swami’s rap vocalist/songwriter S-Endz “one of the most electrifying performers I have ever seen.

Together with their multilingual Punjabi, Hindi and English singer Sur, and sultry-and-smouldering female singer and dancer Liana, this international electropop band create a force to be reckoned with.

Swami created the “Desi Beats” genre by blending Asian Underground dance sounds with traditional bhangra rhythms in the late 90’s, redefined Asian music with the legendary anthem “DesiRock” in 2005 (a song that has appeared in platinum-selling video games, independent British movies and Hollywood movies alike), took Asian music on a globe-trotting escapade with 2007’s critically acclaimed “Equalize” and it’s singles “Hey Hey” and “Electro Jugni”, then shifted the entire culture forward the 2009 hit single “Sugarless” which saw the band embark on a heavy international tour of Europe and North America. It’s fair to say that Swami have successfully knocked down every barrier in their way in a constant quest for both sonic evolution and revolution.

In late 2014, the band dropped a brand new single and video, called “Do It Again”. With a crazy video shot in India using over 10,000 lightbulbs, this is the first step of the band’s new and upgraded sound and style. With a remix package then released in Q1 2015 featuring remixes from international DJ’s, underground UK producers, and the band themselves, look out for more sonic blasts from Swami throughout 2015!

So, whether they are making 20,000 people in downtown Toronto dance the night away, finding themselves listed in the “Top 5 Acts to See” at the UK’s legendary Glastonbury Festival (in the company of MIA, The Arctic Monkeys and the late Amy Winehouse) or shaking dancefloors in clubs from San Francisco to Mumbai with sub-bass frequencies and catchy hook after hook, the band have proved themselves comfortable on any and every stage. Look out for them coming to a city near you, and get ready to UPGRADE UR SOUND.

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